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I'm in love with a King. Yes people, I'm in love with the great Joker. I told you I was totally weird I pray everyday that my feelings for him would just go away already but I can't I just don't know. My feelings for him started last month. I was at the bank working while babysitting my Niece, her name was Paris. I was filling out some paper work when suddenly the sounds of guns being fired filled the building, everyone dropped to the ground and some began to panic and scream, people in suits, costumes and masks began to corner everyone, yelling at them to get on the ground. The Joker walked into the building with his devilish smile on his face. I should be the one that should bow before you! Well because you are all about to enjoy the firework show we are soon to present! We all knew what that meant and began to panic silently, I held my crying Niece close to me as the Joker suddenly glanced over at us. Joker walked over to us and pulled Paris away from me, I cried out "Please don't hurt her! I beg you! Stay on the ground or I'll blow your big brain out! Do you have a reason why you are scared of clowns Paris? After whispering something to Paris one of his henchmen told him that they had all the money and was ready to go before the cops corner them, he smiled widely at Paris and pushed her back to me. I immediately grabbed her arm and held her tightly, crying my eyes out. With a blink of an eye everyone rushed towards the exit, everyone pushing and pulling for their lives and because of that I got separated from Paris, I struggled to get to her but because of all the people she was pushed back in the building farther from me as I was pulled out the exits and into the street and right before I could run back in and get Paris the building bursted into flames, bombs going off in every corner. Please No! I looked up at the burning bank with blurry eyesight from all of my tears but I wiped away my tears as I saw a man walking towards me with a child in his arms. It was surely not Batman It was I quickly stood up shocked, he placed Paris in my arms. I bursted into tears once more.

Villains x Reader

Warning: The upcoming imagine you are about to read contains sexual content that may or may not be too graphic to read. Originally posted by iyikiyoksun. He was nowhere to be found, not even in the VIP area. There were a few henchmen of his standing by at the entrance of it, I assumed they were waiting on him. I got closed the door after looking into the crowd, other girls dressed in almost close to nothing sitting at their vanity mirrors and getting ready in some way. I wore something almost close to nothing, but certainly wore more fabric on my body than they had on. Her hand met my shoulder and she smiled with joy. I inhale sharply and exhale a smile, nodding at her. The song finally went off and the start of another started playing, a sign that it was my turn to dance. So I left and went down, walking down the stage on the way to the pole inside the small glass box. But, my mind started drifting at the imaginations of him and then, my body started swaying. My hands reached above my head and grabbed the pole, I fell down and fell back up, eyes closed but opening every now and then to keep and eye on where I move and how. I pay no attention to the crowd, but I can hear the whistles through the loud music. When I climb on the pole and flip upside down, I open my eyes to see J coming in from the back. His body sways as he holds his cane in one of his gloved hands, and this was when I began to feel more confident. The longer the music lasted, the longer it continued, the faster my body picked up and my hips continued to sway. What felt like an eternity later, I did something drastic that made me self conscious, but I went through with it anyways. I took my top off, and it only stirred the crowd up more. Sadly, seconds after doing so I heard a whistle and it brought my attention to him. I stopped dancing and climbed out, going through the back way to the VIP area so nobody could touch me. When I entered, I saw a very angry J and his henchmen with a dark shade of pink on their faces. As I stood in front of him, he stands up and grips my hair with his gloved hands. My lips parted and my breathing picked up, becoming heavier just from being in his presence and his touch. His other hand slid up my belly, circled my belly button a few times before reaching my breasts and groping them firmly. I yelped with pleasure, I watched his face. His eyes were on my naked figure, mostly on my now hardened nipples. No smile was visible, but his lips were parted and I heard a low growl in the back of his throat. His eyes connect to mine with eyebrows furrowed and head tilted. Another involuntary moan escapes past my lips.

Originally posted by fotokopicibierkek. Part 1. He treated you like his queen and gave you anything you wanted. All that mattered now was him. One night you had been standing at the window of the penthouse you shared with him. Something had caught your eye outside and you found yourself staring intently through the thick glass. Gothams downtown was lit up with lights, illuminating the streets. He sat on the couch against the wall, his feet propped up against an expensive wooden end table. He was on the phone with someone, making plans to do a bank heist. With a heavy sigh, he pulled himself to his feet, moving over to you. Far in the distance, you saw that all too familiar bat symbol shinning in the sky. You had a look of excitement on your face, ready to turn around and tell him to look outside. Your eyes widened, the explosion lighting up the most part of the city. Your mouth was gaped as you looked over your shoulder at him. You gave him a smirk as he slid his cold hand under the warm fabric of your sweater. His mouth was against your neck, sucking at the sensitive skin as you allowed your eyes to flutter closed. The familiar ringtone went off in the background, your eyes reopened and you looked over at the couch where his phone continued to go off. You kissed him back, your hands grasping the fabric of his dress shirt. That was when his phone went off again. You both let out an annoyed sigh at the sound. He pulled away from you, growling in irritation as he had to practically drag himself from you.

Nothing was suppose to go wrong. You sat alone in the car. His words echoing in your head as you leaned back in the leather seats. A sigh left you as you stared out the window at the rundown warehouse. You ran your hand along the top of your stomach, smiling softly as you did. Despite you the fact carrying the child of the most dangerous man in Gotham, you had never been happier. Suddenly, a loud gun shot echoed from outside. You reached into your purse and quickly pulled out your phone. Just as you were about to call Frost, the door closest to you was ripped open. The Joker was crouched behind a stack of crates. Frost was beside him, watching as his boss was in the middle of reloading his gun. They saw the signs, they knew this meeting was going to go down like this. One of the Jokers men laid facedown on the ground, blood pooling from under his body. Frost looked over the cover and quickly nudged his boss. He leaned up over cover just as Frost had, once he did, his eyes went wide. He watched as the man held you against your will. He clenched his teeth together, his anger boiling past the breaking point. Your eyes were on him, they were wide and wet with tears, begging for him to do something. You had no idea what would happen. Someone took a shot at the Joker from behind you, out of instinct, the Joker fired back then shot at the man who held you. The bullet hit the man right in the shoulder, causing him to push you forward towards the ground. You felt like your world had slowed down as you hit floor. Pain was coursing through your body but mostly from your stomach. Gunfire erupted through the building, you slowly rolled on your side, trying to comprehend everything that was happening. You felt arms around you, pulling you away from any danger.

Please, give me feedback for the first part to my Joker x reader series I decided it was going to be way too long to be in one whole part! There has been an incident at Gotham Avenue School. At about two forty pm tomorrow, a school bus was bombed! The recording was shot solely on his red lipstick lathered lips. He had a piece of tape over his mouth. His tear ducts had previously given up on resupplying his eyes with moisture. His cheeks were still wet from the trail of tears he had cried, and his forehead was sweating immensely. The Joker popped out from being off screen whilst carrying his signature knife in his right hand. He teasingly made a few stab movements with his knife, and the man piteously whimpered in response. The Joker stopped just a few inches from the side of the metal chair. The man tried to lean as far away as he could, and the Joker suddenly looked into the camera. He cried quietly, and the clown squeezed the man closer to his torso. Smile for the camera, Tony! It bleed out little trickles of blood; like a cut from shaving wound. The psychopathic clown moved behind him. Tony shook his head as slightly as he could, and the Joker turned to give him a yellow toothy smile. Snitches get stitches-ah. The sharp dagger created a slanted incision. Blood started to stream out of the cut. Tony clamped his eyes shut as he dealt with the stinging pain. The Joker whistled a little tune as he made another wound that intersected the last one. He went off camera, and soon returned with a baseball bat. Tony screamed and rocked the chair back and forth worth. The chair fell backwards onto concrete. The Joker tsked at the helpless man, before quickly swinging the bat. A sickening crack echoed in the large abandoned warehouse. He raised his gloved hand to carelessly wipe some of the blood off his makeup covered face. This created red lines in the white makeup that was caked on his forehead. You can never truly rely on someone but yourself.

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